Better health, along with education, is a key component of sustainable social and economic development – but the difficulties of improving health for the world’s most vulnerable people cannot be underestimated. To meet today’s challenges, we need further scientific discovery, data systems to measure and track results, innovations to meet access and delivery gaps, resilient and sustainable systems built for health sectors, and an ability to effectively communicate across traditional cultural, sector and discipline boundaries.

The complexity of these problems demands collaboration – yet despite best intentions – partnership is challenging and faces various barriers preventing swift and effective implementation. Organizations tend to default to their ‘comfort zones’ and silos, whether their discipline or disease-specific approach. When this is combined with perceived competition for limited funding, the result is often program redundancy and missed opportunities for creativity and innovation.

We believe that by strategically convening global health and development stakeholders, the formation of a local alliance catalyzes partnerships that will increase effectiveness, reduce inequities and improve outcomes in health across vulnerable groups globally, regionally and here at home. This will in turn contribute towards economic, political and social stability both on a global scale as well as regionally.

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